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eEZY hash is a social media tool that helps you create a social media post including the @ for mention and the related hashtags that goes with it!

With the Pro Version, you can have User Settings that will let you customize many things to make it even more easier for you!

Adding credit for captions

Just enter a name or a @handle and click the +. If you enter a @handle, it will be converted to an instagram link.

With the pro version, you have access to our database for
pre-filled datas.

The artist informations

This space contains the main information about the artist. Suggested hashtags are listed here. Click them to add them to your list of hashtags.

A combination of occupations and location will be added here.

Pre-filled artist informations with the Pro version

This information is gathered from public space like the social media accounts or website. It contains social media links, the name used on social media, the country, birthday (when disclosed).

These information are also used to create hashtags suggestions (blue boxes). If it say “Model” and “Quebec“, a suggested hashtags “quebec model” will be available. Same thing if you have an “Only Friends” sites in your web links.

You want to have control over your information?

That’s fine, we’ll create you an account and gives you access to your profile. This will let you change, add or remove any information.

Adding or modifying the info

Clicking the information button gives access to the core information. You may add more occupations, locations or links.

When finished, click the refresh button to validate!

Changes made here will not affect the database. Permanent changes can only be done by the artist or an admin.

How many credits are allowed

You may add as many credits as you want with the Pro version.

Overview of eEZy hash Credits Interface

Some of these features are
Pro only!

Pro Version’s Advantages

  • Pre-filled artist info and social media links
  • Suggested hashtags
  • Unlimited credits
  • A full list of emojis for credits
  • Makes captions for more that just Instagram
  • Use eEZy GPT to create captions texts
  • Make your own promo text
  • Make a tagline
  • Ad-free experience

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