What is eEZY Hash

eEZY hash is a social media tool that create a full list of hashtags based on your selection, also giving the opportunity to easily add all the credit due to the post. With the Autoadd option checked, many related hashtags will be added to a pool and then be randomly selected to make it to the final list.

With the PRO version, eEZY hash will save you time of research and will fill your social media post with relevant information and hashtags.

Add some Credits to your post

The first thing you can do is add credit to the post you are making. Just add a name in the Main credit field and click the +.

If you add an @ handle, it will assume it’s for Instagram and put it in the first Instagram icon. ​

Free version

Allows 2 credits

Pro version

Unlimited credits

eezy hash credit screen

The credits icons

By clicking on the social media icons, you will be able to add other social media handles (@) that will be used in different social media results. ie: if you put a Twitter @, it will be in the Twitter final text.

The green id card icon

This is to describe what you do. You can put as many “job descriptions” you want with a comma (,) between each one of them.

Ex: model, travel blogger, content creator

The yellow locked heart icon

This is for your premium site list. You can put as many as you want with a comma (,) between each one of them.

Ex: onlyfans, mymfans

The globe icon

The globe icon is to list your country, state, province, city, region, etc.

Ex: United States, California, socal

The emoji icon

Choose the one that describe the credit best. You can leave it clank if you want.

The URL/Weblink

If you want a link to be added to your results.


If you have something to add to the post.


Something you always add to your posts.

Free version

You fill all this information each time you use the app.

Pro version

If the model or photographer already is in our database, it will automatically populate and add pre-selected hashtags.

As a pro user, you will be able to submit credit to add.

Promo and tagline can be automatically filled. You may have a list and eEZY hash will randomly pick one each time.

Adding hashtags

The post title can be added here.

You can add your own personal hashtags to the You pool. You simply type the hashtag you want and click the +.

eezy hash adding hashtags

Suggestions as you type

We added many hashtags in our database that will be displayed as you type/

auto suggest hashtags as you type

Orange vs Green

The way it works, the app will put all the added and selected hashtags in a list and then randomly pick some to put in your final results. This means that some of the hashtags will not make it to the final list.

Clicking an orange hashtag to make it green will make sure it appears in the final results.

Priority ans Nation Buttons

Priority button makes the added hashtag green. Nation add the hashtag to the Nation pool so the app know how to properly deal with it.

Free version

No hashtags suggestions

Priority and Nation button are not available

Pro version

You may click the title’s rounded arrow to auto-generate a title based on the selected hashtags.

You can ask us to add recurring hashtags to your You pool.

Hashtags will be suggested as you type.

The pools

The pools are split in many categories and contains related hashtags suggestions.

Free version

No hashtags related hashtags suggestions

Pro version

The pro option, related hashtags will appears at the top of the screen when clicking some hashtags.

suggest complementary hashtags when clicking some hashtags

Creating the final hashtags list

All the selected orange hashtags will be put in a compiled list, shuffled and then some will be picked up to create the final list.

One list per social media selected will be generated.

Free version

Only Instagram is available.

Pro version

You may add Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Reddit.

More hashtags with Autoadd

With the Autoadd option enabled, all your selected hashtags are analyzed to add related hashtags and do combination of hashtags. All those are added to a to the compiled list.

Ex: if you chose “dress” and “summer”, “summer dress” will be added.

Job title, Nations and Premium site hashtags with Audoadd

When you add Job titles, Nations and Premium website the a credit, it will add related hashtags to the compiled list.

Ex: If you added “Model” and “United States”, this will add hashtags like american model, usa model, etc.

Multiple language available for hashtags

English is the main source of hashtags but you can chose to add other language.

Free version

Only English is available.

Pro version

You may add Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

Filtering Instagram limited and banned hashtags

Nobody wants to be shadow banned on Instagram (even though they deny it’s event a thing). Using hashtags limited or banned by instagram may get your account hidden from others.

All the hashtags submitted are filtered to avoid you these kind of troubles. We do our best to keep our list of banned hashtags up to date to avoid banned hashtags in your Instagram final list. We obviously can’t keep track of all of them but we cover hundreds.

This filter is also applied to the Facebook hashtag list, just to be safe!

Final result

ezzy hash final result
This title was not auto-generated

What a subscription brings you

First: no ads!

Pre-selected hashtags

Get your own pre-selected hashtags for a quicker selection.


You have multiple accounts? No problem! Get up to 4 presets that preselect different hashtags and gives you other pools customization.


This tool uses our database information on our collaborators accounts to get more datas (like the Country, backup account, etc) and hashtags related to that account to be more accurate when generating a list.

Filtering over popular

Overly popular hashtags get lost in the mass. Hashtags like “beach” are useful to trigger the Autoadd ones but you don’t want them taking up a place in your hashtags list.

Shuffle by Social Media

Don’t like the first batch? Generate new ones again!

Title generator

From your selected hashtags, we generate a title that get you started to create something epic!

Fill this if you want to try the Pro version it for a week

    List of eEZY Hash PRO Features

    Unlock it all!

    Get to use all our features with the pro version

    Credit limit reached

    With the Pro version, you have unlimited credit but right now, only two are allowed.

    More credit with emojis!

    Add more credit at the end of your main credits.

    Make new hashtags in priority

    No need to go find your hashtags to make it a priority. Clicking this will add the hashtags already in green!

    Add your own country, city, etc!

    Add an hashtags as a nation and unlock automated \”nation\” related hashtags (model search florida, aussie model, nyc beauty)

    Re-generate new hashtags

    There are hundreads of hashtags automatically generated in the pool but only a few are selected for the final list. Generate new hashtags on the fly only for the selected social media.

    All the hashtags generated!

    Get to see all the hashtags we added to the pools and also the filtered and banned ones!

    Automated titles to start with!

    Generate titles based on your hashtags selection. The more you select, the better the title will be!

    Add title key words to hashtags

    Add some hashtags from your title to your hashtags pools

    More socials!

    Create hashtags for more than just Instagram with the PRO version. All those \”insta\” hashtags wont show up for other social medias.

    Add more hashtags!

    Even more hashtags will be added to your hashtags pool with this options.

    Add hashtags from other languages!

    Autoadd hashtags from languages other than english

    Add more social media @ to the credits!

    This add the option to make all the @handle from other social media so it will show up in the final text.

    Add more hashtags with Autoadd option!

    Add more hashtags to your hashtags pool with these options

    Filter some Instagram Banned hashtags!

    We try to filter any banned Instagram hashtags so your account won’t get in trouble!

    Filter the commons

    This allows to filter some over used millionnaires common hashtags.

    Get access to our database!

    Get our selection of personalized hashtags related to models or photographer automatically entered and selected in the pools!

    This add a promo message

    When using the Pro version, a randomized message will be created to promote the account listed above the title (Onlyfans, follow for more, etc)

    Promote yourself

    This would be your promo message. Each time, a random message you would have previously created would be selected and added to each social text.

    Limit how many from the same caegories

    Avoid having too many of the same categories filling up your hashtags results.