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    What you get with the Pro version

    First: no ads!

    Pre-selected hashtags

    Get your own pre-selected hashtags for a quicker selection.


    You have multiple accounts? No problem! Get up to 4 presets that preselect different hashtags, add your own to the You pool and gives you pools in the order of your choice.


    This tool uses our database information on our collaborators accounts to get more datas (like the Country, backup account, etc) and hashtags related to that account to be more accurate when generating a list.

    Filtering over popular

    Overly popular hashtags get lost in the mass. Hashtags like “beach” are useful to trigger the Autoadd ones but you don’t want them taking up a place in your hashtags list.

    Shuffle again by Social Media

    Don’t like the first batch? Generate new ones again!

    Title generator with eEZy GPT

    With your description of the picture, it will generate 5 captions for you to choose from with 5 more suggested hashtags!